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Missions February 2017

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The LP4Y Alliance is a group of autonomous humanitarian organizations which oversee the LP4Y project.


The Alliance is LP4Y’s guiding arm, directing, arbitrating and authorizing the foundation of new LP4Y organizations.


The Alliance is managed by a Board made up of the presidents and vice-presidents of the LP4Y organizations, the co-founders, representatives of the volunteers (the permanent team in the field) and of the Star Club (a volunteer organization of LP4Y PTE graduates committed to accompanying those in the earlier stages).










One of LP4Y’s founding principles is that of the volunteer mission.


Since LP4Y’s creation in 2009 the permanent team has been entirely made up of volunteers who take on missions of 1, 2, 3 years or more.


The volunteers’ contracts are typically VSI (International Solidarity Volunteers through the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs), VSE (European Solidarity Volunteers through the European Union), also through some major college internships.


The permanent team receives free accommodation, reimbursement of mission expenses, and a monthly allowance (€200/m for a 1 year mission, €240/m for a 2 year mission, €600/m for missions of 3 years or more). LP4Y has no paid employees.


On February 29st 2016, LP4Y counted:
- 59 full time volunteer professionals (Austrian, Colombian, French, Indonesian, Filipino, and Vietnamese).
- 2/3 women, 1/3 men. Age: 20 - 55 yrs. Average age: 27 yrs.


In each of the countries where LP4Y has a presence, the LP4Y organization is created as a not for profit organization according to local law and registered with the local administration.


Depending on local legislation the LP4Y organizations are either Not for Profit Associations (France, Belgium, Luxemburg), Foundations (USA, The Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam), or a branch of a local foundation (India, Indonesia).


Each LP4Y organization is managed by a volunteer board: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer. The LP4Y organizations ensure that donors benefit from the local tax incentives applicable in the US, France, Belgium and Luxembourg (thanks to the generous partnership with Coopération Humanitaire Luxembourg).

LP4Y Alliance

LP4Y is a member of

USA, Luxembourg, 

Belgium, Philippines, Vietnam, India, 

France, Indonesia

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