This album was created to celebrate the change experienced through LP4Y, an Alliance of people who believe that Youth facing extreme poverty are capable of becoming Entrepreneurs of their lives if they have space and support to develop their self-confidence and skills. Building bridges between the excluded world and the professional world makes it possible to break the vicious circle of poverty.

"Catalyst of Change is a song of invitation and celebration that represents every individual who is making change by joining LP4Y: volunteers who dare to initiate action, the Youth who decide to change their lives, communities who involve themselves and all the people who contribute and believe in the Youths’ better future."

"Faced with a blank page, it is not always easy to find the right words to share a story, a feeling or a dream. The Youth of Cilincing challenged themselves to each write one verse of the song - thus offering a glimpse of who they are. They learned to play the guitar, practiced to improve their voices, dared to sing in front of large audiences at three separate concerts... For months, the song resonated in the center, constantly stuck in our heads, constantly sung by the Youth and volunteers during breaks, and even sung by the children in the street, trying to sing the English lyrics.

The courage and talent of the Youth of Kampung Sawah inspired the others, as their song was the first one to be finished. They sent an invitation to dare to all centers!"

"Volunteering at LP4Y is a unique experience full of unexpected encounters, experiences, surprises, beautiful times of sharing...

In this song, I wanted to share everything volunteers experience and learn from the people they work with or meet, whether they are other volunteers, Youth, neighbors, Youths’ families...

To write it, I took inspiration from the notes sent by the volunteers when they leave their mission. I hope every volunteer will identify with this song and will be moved!"

"The dreamer is about an inmate who does not give up on his hopes and dreams, even though he inhabits a small world inside the jail. Like all other inmates, Origin and STARS (graduates from the LP4Y pro- gram) members are making good things happen inside. The Origin team encourages other young inmates to join the team and to hope. The STARS members are working to be more productive in society through their jobs, teaching what they learned by giving lessons, sharing, listening and giving advice to their fellow inmates.

Even though we, Origin and STARS, do not have the same life inside the jail, we have the same mission to achieve our dream and to show people that we are useful, hopeful, talented and more professional than we used to be."

"In 2013, LP4Y began building a Green Village in Calauan, testing natural technologies and lifestyles to inspire local communities. The center is also designed as a site for exchanges and seminars on the themes that matter to the Green Village (social entrepreneurship, professional insertion of Youth, environmental protec- tion...). I was lucky enough to take part in this project, as the coach of the Eco Construction team. Stepping into the Green Village is a magical experience. Everything over there is fruitful. Green Mango is a song about this very special place."

"Following on from the first song created in our center one year ago, we wrote a new one with our coach to give motivation to the people and especially to the Youth, to make them understand everything that we feel. We keep on believing and we have a plan to achieve our dreams!"

"My husband and I first came across LP4Y when we were in the USA and we were deeply touched by what we learnt about Young Adults in serious need, and by the LP4Y project which allows the Youth to dream of a decent life, and actually realize those dreams. Thanks to LP4Y, and thanks to the courage of the Youth, I was able to realize my own dream, that of writing and performing a song. At the age of 50! It’s never too late to dare, and courage is contagious! I want to say “Thank You” to the Youth and to the volunteers at LP4Y; this song is dedicated to them on behalf of the LP4Y Alliance. Because ... Together we can."

"This song is written to thank those who give us the opportunity to make our dreams come true, to make us believe in a better future. We recently left the northern provinces of Vietnam to arrive in Hanoï and join LP4Y. Thanks to the success of our current graduations, despite the distance from our family, we decided to sing about our journey. This song tells our long story, from past to present and into the future. With this song, we want to share a message of willingness, love and solidarity with everyone: together we can!"

"In our mission, we have to live within the community and work in an unfamiliar place with people we do not know. The lyrics “had to struggle with the monster” describe our self- ishness and ego before we discover how to live with oth- ers inside the community, a welcoming and sharing place. Living in the community also teaches you how to love, give and respect without expecting anything in return. Love and simplicity are the key to merging with the community just as Jean Vanier said: “The community is a place of forgiveness and celebration”. In the song, I added an Angklung, a traditional instrument from Indonesia, made of a varying number of bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame. It is believed to promote the values of teamwork, mutual respect and social harmony."

"Life is beautiful but not always easy and happy. Despite our sex, age or nationality, we all experience, at one point or an- other, moments of doubt, fear and sadness in our lives. The time I spent in the Philippines with the Youth helped me realize that even in the hardest situations, there is always a light, a way to make things even just a little bit better. I love the story of the hummingbird that puts out a fire one drop of water at a time. As long as we do our best and believe that the world can change, positive things will keep happening!"

"Young mothers and out of school Youths from the center of Tondo, Manila, wrote a song dedicated to all dreamers. Face the future without fear - we will make a nation of achievers. Alone, everything is more difficult, but with LP4Y, together we can!"

"It takes 17 hours to come back to France from Indonesia. Yet, a part of you stays in the field a little longer; it takes time to reassemble yourself and feel at home again. The mission goes a long way to helping you find who you are or who you want to be. After the mission though, it is up to the volunteers to complete the challenge and work out where they want to be and what their Life Project Plan will be. It can help knowing that you are not alone in feeling misaligned and lost when you get home, knowing that we will help each other never to for- get the Youth who changed our vision of life!"

Thank you for listening!


We Can!


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