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Missions February 2017

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550 million of them

are living below the poverty threshold

of US$ 1,5 a day.

There are currently 1.2 billion Youth aged between 15 and 24.

In response to this desperate situation, a group of friends, entrepreneurs and young people in Europe and the US

decided to create Life Project 4 Youth, an organization 100% dedicated to the integration of Young Adults

living in extreme poverty and exclusion.


The challenge was to set up “Life Project Centers

near slum areas.


By means of entrepreneurial projects operated from these LPCs, LP4Y would accompany the Young Adults towards social and professional inclusion.

At LP4Y we think Young People facing extreme poverty are capable of becoming great entrepreneurs if someone gives them a smile, a supporting word, room to grow, and trust.

Bring your dreams to life

+ than 120 partners

get the benefit of the commitment with the most excluded Youth

« The investment provided by CGI to put effort on including youth from exclusion can be tough, but the return on investment is very high » 


Paul Nagy - Director, Global HR Member services


« For Enderun, partnering with LP4Y makes our National Service Training Program much more personal, meaningful, and a much more relevant experience. »

Enderun NSTP program

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I can'T but together we can !


2009 - 2016


940 Youth accompanied
28 programs
17 Life Project Centers
340 Youth integrated in the professional world
10 organizations worldwide
8 countries
59 professionals in the field


The Youth, 12 - 18 months

after joining the program:

85 % are entrepreneurs of their Life Project

80% have found decent employment

5% have set up their own micro-company 

15% leave the PTE before completing the program, but more than half of those ask to come back within 6 months 


23 years old Analyst CGI – World’s 5th largest independent IT and business process services company

“Being part of the corporate company is something that I never thought since I was not able to finish my college level. Hence, this door of opportunity provides me enough reason to dream big and fight the struggles in life. CGI is one of the good ingredients of my maturity. It taught me how to become a responsible adult, how to value time, work and people around you. Bottom line of these changes is that I am blessed and ready to face the challenges in life.
CGI helps the unfortunate youth to have professional work. The company is creating a bridge between its business and the community. The goal is not just to provide temporary work for us, instead CGI is looking forward to bring the youth from LP4Y becoming permanent employee. And I am the living proof.”

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LP4Y Alliance

LP4Y is a member of

USA, Luxembourg, 

Belgium, Philippines, Vietnam, India, 

France, Indonesia

Low cost NGO


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